It’s ALL about the bike

I’m a bit of a ditherer.. Well, actually, being brutally honest I’m either a massive ditherer or dangerously impulsive, but, for the purposes of this post, this is definitely about the Ditherer in me. I’ve been ‘weighing up’ the pros and cons of various road bikes for three whole years. Yes, THREE years. My ever patient, ever supportive other half has listened to my impassioned descriptions of my latest bike ‘squeeze’ and there have been a few. I’ve got an old bike that doesn’t fit properly and I struggle with all sorts of pain but because I’ve been swimming and doing other things, the need to purchase another bike dropped down the To Do list.

My biggest bug bear to date has been that bike manufacturers have treated women like second class cyclists when they develop their women specific bikes. They still haven’t grasped that we don’t ALL want to look like Barbie when we ride. Nor have they given us the same specs on bikes as they put on the men’s versions. I’ve walked out of two shops recently where the assistant tried to sell me something screaming pink just because I’m a female or something of a spec that was not what I wanted because I’m not a super slinky cycling machine. I’m not bitter, honest, I just want a nice bike.

Last Saturday we went to browse in a bike shop called Cycle Evolution  in Colchester and there it was, in the sale, a women’s specific bike with a good spec and not all painted up ready to take part in a carnival. And it was in the sale!!

I bought a Giant Avail Composite 1. It has an 11 speed Ultegra compact group set and its black and silver with an acceptable ‘berry’ coloured stripe.

Graham from Cycle Evolution took a lot of care in fitting me to the bike yesterday and so finally, after three years of considering, Gloria arrived home.

I went out for my first ride with her this morning. She is so comfortable, the rubbish road surfaces don’t rattle my fillings and the gears don’t play a metallic tune as I have to change rather more than I’d like. And the hills… oh my gosh, I actually didn’t have to change down, then down and actually climbed smoothly and steadily up staying above 10mph for the first time… It really IS ALL about the bike. I can’t wait to cycle some more. In this case, dithering was worth it. Welcome to my home Gloria.




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