Can You Juggle?


Yup…. that’s me… I can’t juggle to save my life. Well, to be honest, I can juggle work tasks – sort of – and making sure I have clean undies to wear for said work, but what kills me is trying to make the time for myself to be able to go to the pool or the gym or even get half an hour to do some stretching ( I also need a big stick of dynamite to encourage me to do that one). This year has been a new low since I started to write this blog. I’ve really distinguished myself by doing very little. I’m definitely stuck in the ‘Ordinary’ bit of the blog title. Hurrumph.. For me the guilt factor of not getting in to work and getting loads of stuff done and my fear of failure professionally pushes me to donate generous amounts of my time and energy and wave “See Ya” to many dreams of climbing and walking and swimming. So, I have to learn to juggle. Or, if you like, re-balance my priorities so that I can move the needle from Ordinary to Extreme  – or at least to a bit less Ordinary.

If you can juggle, I’d love to hear from you.



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